Unwanted Solicitations & Pre-screened Offers

Did you recently get a mortgage or refinance your home?  Are you suddenly receiving postcards and solicitations stating you need to call an 800#?  Are you constantly getting credit card offers?  Some solicitations may appear to be from the Credit Union but once you read the fine print, you discover the offer is not associated with the Credit Union at all.  So how did they get this information?

As a Financial Institution, we value your privacy and do not sell your information.  This does not stop Creditors, Credit Card Companies, or Insurance Companies from obtaining your information in other ways.  Here are a few ways your name may appear on a mailing list:

  1. Any current subscriptions you may have, or any clubs, organizations, or retailers you are doing business with, have lists of their subscribers or customers that they may make available to other businesses for a fee.
  2. Companies called list compilers purchase information from public and private sources for specific marketing purposes.
  3. Credit Reporting agencies may provide what is called prescreened lists under legal conditions to companies based on certain criteria.

So, what can a consumer do if they do not want to receive these offers?  You have the right to opt out of any prescreened offers in the future. 

Here are a few links with more information regarding pre-screened offers and what you can do if you wish to opt out. 



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