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Become a Member Representative – Volunteer with High Point FCU.

We’re more than just banking. We’re community builders, friends, and neighbors. We give back to our communities every day, and it all starts with people like you.

As a not-for-profit, Member-owned financial cooperative, we rely on the participation of Members to fulfill our mission. Many of our Members seek to make an impact and take us up on the offer to contribute to the Credit Union’s success.

Your willingness to volunteer time and talent can help other Members meet their financial goals, help conceptualize new financial products and digital services, and give back to your community.

Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee seats are the most visible volunteer positions within High Point Federal Credit Union. Their leadership has consistently helped guide us toward success and ensures we remain true to our core values.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are volunteers elected by our membership (that means you!) to ensure that the credit union is doing everything it should and fulfilling its goals, while operating in an ethical, prudent, and fiscally sound way. These individuals are responsible for providing strategic oversight for the organization and it’s leaders.

To do their job in a meaningful manner, it is essential that directors understand the risks found in depository institutions — that is, credit, liquidity, interest rate, compliance, strategic, transaction, and reputation risk. Moreover, directors must understand the internal control structures at the credit union that limit and control these risks.


Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee independently evaluates the soundness of High Point Federal Credit Union’s operations and activities. The committee works independently of the credit union’s management to oversee the work of internal and external auditors, and is responsible to ensure that member assets are adequately safeguarded; accurate records are maintained; compliance with regulations, policies and procedures is followed; and proper business practices are followed.

The supervisory committee serves an important function in credit unions. It is tasked with asking the tough questions and following up on findings with management to ensure that remediation takes place.

If you are a current member of High Point Federal Credit Union and are interested in serving on the supervisory committee, please complete our Application and return to or contact Mary Palumbo at

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