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myRewards Checking

myRewardsChecking has no fee when you receive a monthly direct deposit or maintain a $300 minimum balance1. Earn $10 in Gift Card Rewards each month2 when you have 30+ POS3 debit card transactions posted for the month and also receive E-Statement.

The month following opening or transferring to a myRewardsChecking, you will receive an email to register for Online Rewards. Online Rewards can be accessed via a link from the credit union home page.

Each month you qualify for rewards, you will receive an email by the 5th of the following month. You can allow your reward dollars to accumulate for 13 months. They will expire after 13 months. Rewards include digital and mailed gift cards from a variety of different businesses and restaurants! 

If you order a physical card, it will be received in 5-10 business days. The exception is November-December, which could take a little longer. The digital cards are available immediately by going into the site and selecting “Your Orders.” Simply use the “code” or copy the link to the browser and print your card on paper to be scanned at the business/restaurant.

As with all checking accounts, you will receive:

  • Free ATM or Debit Card4 
  • Free Digital Banking – our on-line banking is available at or by downloading our App at the App Store5
  • Free E-statement – go green with on-line statements and the ability to view your history in Digital Banking.
  • Free Bill Pay – save on postage costs and pay your bills 24/7 by signing up for Digital Banking.
  • Free eAlerts – Set up txt or emails to notify you of deposits, withdrawals or balance levels – you choose!5
  • Share to Share Transfers – link your deposit accounts to cover accidental shortages in your checking account and avoid the NSF fee!
  • Optional Overdraft Privilege6

1In the absence of direct deposit, a $300 minimum balance requirement must be maintained to avoid a $5/month service charge. 2When you qualify, you will receive an email notification with instructions for redemption. 3POS=point of sale, which is using your debit card to purchase goods (an ATM withdrawal is not POS). 4There is no cost for the card however, foreign ATM charges may be assessed. 5Data carrier rates may apply. 6Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.


Q: Do I have to enter a PIN number at POS or can I make a signature-based purchase?

A: Both PIN and signature based transactions are counted towards the POS transactions.

Q: Do I have to use the $10 reward each month or can I wait until they add up?

A: You can wait until your rewards add up, but all points will expire after 1 year.

Q: How do I access my rewards?

A: Members that qualify will receive an email notification by the 5th day of the following month and will be directed to visit the myRewards website. The link to the website is located on the home page of the credit union website ( Members sign in using their MEMBER number and will set up a password.

Q: What if I do not remember my password?

A: Click on “Forgot My Password” and it will ask you to type in your email address. An email will be sent allowing you to create a new password.

Q: What if I lock my password?

A: Call the credit union and we can re-set your password.

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