High Point Federal Credit Union Installs Life-Saving AED Machines and Certifies Staff in CPR

AED Release Photo

Recently, High Point Federal Credit Union took an important step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of their members and staff by installing life-saving AED machines in all their branch locations and operations center. A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, but with an AED on hand, the heart’s rhythm can be analyzed, and if necessary, an electric shock can be administered, which can help re-establish an effective rhythm.

To complement the installation of AED machines, over 35 High Point FCU staff members have become certified in CPR and AED in accordance with the American Heart Association (AHA) training program. “We have many people coming in and out of our branches daily. Considering most cardiac arrests happen away from hospitals, having our staff trained and these machines available will provide life-saving support in the event someone experiences a major medical emergency,” said Rich Yeager, President & CEO.

Funding for the project was received through the New York Credit Union Foundation’s IMPACT Grant, which helped cover the costs of implementation. The foundation supports credit union efforts in various areas, including technology enhancements, security upgrades, and efforts to support emerging and underrepresented markets.

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