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Olean Area FCU is now High Point Federal Credit Union.

For over 50 years, we’ve proudly provided members throughout our field of membership with products and services to help them reach their financial peaks. Since beginning in 1972, our team has achieved many milestones, including expanding the area we serve.

Now, we’ve changed our name to reflect our journey, symbolizing the growth and expansion we have achieved over the years.

This change is a reflection of our growth and the wider reach we’ve achieved in serving our members’ financial needs throughout Allegany & Cattaraugus County in New York, and McKean & Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Commitment to Members: Although our brand name has changed, our commitment to our members remains unwavering. In fact, it’s even stronger. Our mission continues to be providing optimal financial services to our members at every stage of their lives.

Rich History and Evolution: High Point is proud to inherit the rich history of the Olean Area Federal Credit Union, which served its members with distinction for over 50 years. We began as Olean Dresser Clark Federal Credit Union in 1972, serving the employees of Dresser Clark. Today, we’ve evolved to serve anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties, NY, and McKean and Potter Counties, PA.

Journeys Start Here: Our new tagline, ‘Journeys Start Here’, carries forward our dedication to serve members at every stage of their lives. Your financial journeys started with us in 1972 and will continue with us under the new brand.

Embracing Growth: Our growth over the years, including our mergers and expansion of our membership area, is an essential part of our rebrand. High Point is a testament to our evolution and an expression of our aspiration for the future.

Why ‘High Point’?

High Point’ represents the milestones or ‘high points’ in our members’ lives that we’re committed to helping them achieve. It aligns with our mission to support you throughout your financial journeys, from start to finish.

Will this name change affect my account or services?

No, this rebrand will not affect your accounts or the services you currently use. The name change is a springboard to enhance and expand the services and benefits we provide to our members. Our dedication to serving our members and our commitment to our community remains at the forefront of our operations.

What can we expect during this transition?

Over the next few months, you will notice our website, branch locations, mobile app, and more will be enhanced with our new name and brand identity. This will not affect your accounts, but it is our priority to update you throughout the process.

  • Our routing number will not change.
  • Your account number will not change.
  • You can continue to use your current check supply.
  • Your ATM, credit and/or debit card(s) will continue to work until you receive your new one. We anticipate replacing cards over a three-month period during the 1st quarter of 2024, as there is a delay in this process with suppliers.

Will the change to High Point affect the credit union’s core values?

No, our core values remain the same. We are still member-focused, operating confidentially and ethically, valuing our employees, and providing safety and security to our members. The rebrand to High Point strengthens these values, showing our commitment to serving our members throughout their financial journeys.

Will the website change?

Yes, our new website will be If you type in, you will be redirected to our new website. The theme and navigation will change slightly to accommodate our new brand, but will remain easy to navigate and contain the same information as our old website. 

Will employee phone numbers and email addresses change?

Employee phone numbers and extensions will remain the same. The first part of each employee’s email will remain the same, and the will change to

Can I still use my loan coupons?

Yes, you can use your existing coupons. Your next batch will reflect the new name.

Will there be a new mobile app?

The appearance of our mobile app will change with our new name and logo, but your credentials will remain the same. You will need to update the App in the App Store or Google Play once the new update is released.

Does the name change mean that our credit union has been purchased by, or merged with, another financial institution?

No. The name change was made to reflect our expanded field of membership, as we no longer just serve the Olean area. We serve all of Allegany and Cattaraugus County in New York, and McKean and Potter County in Pennsylvania.

Does the name change impact my direct deposits and automatic payments?

No. Since our routing number and your account numbers aren’t changing, your scheduled direct deposits and automatic payments will be unaffected.

Will the name change impact loan and deposit rates? Will it increase fees?

No and no. While rates and fees tend to fluctuate, this will not be due to a name change, but rather a response to market conditions.

Does the new name mean new management and/or new board members?

No. Any natural shift that may occur in management or the board of directors will be completely unrelated to the name change. The commitment and respect for our staff and board of directors hasn’t changed. 

What’s next for High Point?

Over the next few months, you will notice our website, branch locations, mobile app, and more will be enhanced with our new name and brand identity. This will not affect your accounts, but it is our priority to update you throughout the process. There will also be changes that may take longer as we work with many outside vendors.

We are excited for the next chapter of our journey and are grateful for your support!

To learn more about the rebrand, contact us directly at 716.372.6607 or 800.854.6052.

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