New High Point Cards now being issued.

New physical contactless cards are now being issued and mailed to members. Cards are being issued in stages and may take up to two months to be received. Please be on the lookout for your new card.


Why am I getting a new card when the one I have doesn’t expire yet?

We are issuing new contactless cards with the High Point name to all our members who currently have a card.

Why did I receive a new card but my spouse, friend, joint member did not receive a new card?

We are issuing cards in groups based on the current card’s expiration date.

Will my old card still work?

You may continue to use your current card until you activate your new card. Once you activate your new card, you should properly destroy the old card for security purposes.

Do I need to change my PIN #?

No, your current PIN # will continue to work.  If you wish to change your PIN #, you may call the 800# on the sticker affixed to the front of the card.

You may activate your card through the digital banking app or online. Once you login to digital banking, scroll toward the bottom of the page until you see Card Management. A list of your current card numbers will display showing the status of your card which will show ordered. Select the card by clicking on the name/card#. The option to Activate the new card will be displayed.  Click on the Activate New card. A confirmation screen will display showing the card has been successfully activated.

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